Key stage 1 & 2 & Special Needs Lessons

Jan 27, 2021

Instead of concentrating solely on our Whole Class Instrumental Tuition at this time  (having whole class instrumental tuition) We are now providing every school in the city with links to  specially created Key stage 1 and Key stage 2 videos each week that can be distributed and accessed both at home and in school. These videos are distrubuted every Friday afternoon to Headteachers and Music Leaders at  all Primary schools so every student can see and use them. They are being created so they are suitable for all students, not just those who have previously enjoyed WCIT lessons. Additionally these video lessons are being promoted and shared on both our, and many school, social media accounts. Feedback so far has been excellent. Special thanks to fantastic staff who are creating these videos, including the weekly guest appearances.  These are available on our youtbe channel to watch and share here.

Special Needs. We have been discussing and facilitating individual provision for Special Schools throughout this pandemic and lots of work is ongoing paticualrly with Big Top and indeed our own staff who are working tirelessly to provide a meaningful service for these children

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