WMS Full Online Tuition 2021

Jan 27, 2021

Since the Government’s decision to close schools to the majority of students at the beginning of 2021, our work has once more moved online. Where students are still in school we are exceptionally grateful to those schools who are facilitating the opportunity for them to access their online lessons in school. Thanks of course, to the many many parents and carers ensuring they can access these lessons at home. Thanks also to the schools, staff and parents who are promoting these lessons to ensure the students who have previously accessed these instrumental and vocal lessons can continue to do so.  One of the main reasons our tuition is now online is because of a very sensible directive from the council not to provide tuition in schools. Our staff would normally visit a large number of schools regularly each week (often several every day) So for the time being we have moved to the online offer which is the most sensible option to protect both students and staff.  These online lessons were previously offered to students in year 10 and above. Younger students were provided with a comprehensive selection of over 200 youtube videos created by us to work with. However we  are now providing small group and individual lessons through Microsoft teams to all years for the large number of students who have registered via our website (or the link provided by the schools themselves). We now have over 1000 students registered for these lessons.  These are proving exceptionally succesful and each week sees more and more of our students registering and accessing these bespoke Teams lessons until we can return to schools in the not too distant future. If anyone has not registered, as long as their school is engaging with this online offer they can access lesson registration via this link

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