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Faye Adams talks about our inclusive approach to ensembles, specifically Fusion Fives.

New WindMr Kelly 5.00pm - 6.30pmGrade 1 - 3
Jazz BandMr O'Donnell5.00pm - 6.30pmGrade 5+
Concert Wind BandMr Reid
6.30pm - 8.30pmGrade 3 - 5
New StringsMrs Walters5.30pm – 7.00pmGrade 1 - 3
Classical Guitar EnsembleMr Moffatt5.30pm – 6.30pmGrade 1+
Primary Rock n Pop BandMr Pardesi5.00pm – 6.00pmGrade 1+
Secondary Rock n Pop BandMr Craner6.00pm 8.00pmGrade 1+
Youth Wind OrchestraMr Lock5.30pm – 7.45pmGrade 5+
TheoryMrs Roberts6.00pm – 7.30pm
Fusion FivesMrs Adams4.30pm - 6.00pm5 notes on any instrument
Youth Choir Mrs Nicholls5.30pm - 7.30pmYear 5-13
Keyboard EnsembleMrs Velichko6.30pm - 7.30pmGrade 1+
Early StringsMrs Dyall 5.30pm – 6.30pmD scale and 3 fingers
Concert String OrchestraMr Edwards6.45pm – 8.15pmUpper grade 3 - 5; Lower grade 2 - 4
Bhangra Fusion Percussion Mr Singh6.30pm – 8.30pmBeginner and advanced
Youth OrchestraMrs Roberts9.15am – 12.00pmGrade 5+ (Lower strings Grade 4+)


Progression within Ensembles 2021-22

Instrument Family Beginner Level →
← Advanced Level
BRASS New Brass Concert Wind Band Youth Wind Orchestra
Youth Orchestra
Jazz Big Band
GUITAR Concert Wind Band Youth Wind Orchestra (Bass)
Rockschool Courses (Easter and Summer Holidays)
Classical Guitar Ensemble
Rock ‘n’ Pop Bands
PERCUSSION Concert Wind Band Youth Wind Orchestra
Youth Orchestra
Rock ‘n’ Pop Bands
INDIAN MUSIC  Bhangra, Fusion Percussion Ensemble  (Dhol, Harmonium, Tabla)
STRINGS Early Strings New Strings Concert String Orchestra Youth Orchestra
WOODWIND New Woodwind Concert Wind Band Youth Wind Orchestra
Youth Orchestra
Jazz Big Band
VOICE Rockschool Holiday Courses (Easter and Summer Holidays)
WYMT (Wolverhampton Youth Music Theatre)
Youth Choir
Fusion Fives
Regional and National organisations CBSO Youth orchestra/ NYO/ NCO/ NYJO
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