Ensembles and the Winter festival

Jan 27, 2021

Ensembles. As you will see we are coming to the end of the winter festival which has proven to be a fantastic opportunity for members of our ensembles to create videos which our own Mr Pardesi has worked tirelessly to collate and create ensemble performances for this online event. Many of our conductors/leaders have submitted bids for Music to be purchased by the Friends and we are really pleased that they have agreed to fund these requests. The new music is being purchased and will be distributed ready for our students to access and utilise asap. In the background, preparations to return to some face to face rehearsals are ongoing when we are able to. Conductors and leaders are keeping in contact with their groups to set tasks, keep them informed and generally ensure these groups are continuing.  Like the lesson registrations there is a steady number of new registrations from students returning to their ensembles each week.

Re online performances keep an eye on our social media for other special performances in the pipeline!

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