Government launches the new National Plan for Music Education

Jul 12, 2022


The Power of Music to Change Lives: A National Plan for Music Education (NPME) builds on the original 2011 plan ‘responding to the change of the past 11 years and recognising that more needs to be done to support teachers, leaders, schools, trusts and Hubs to deliver the best for children and young people’.

The new plan is aspirational. It will take time for schools to assess their provision and to embed its recommendations. Together we have 12 months to work on this with local schools. We are advising schools to take time to reflect on music in their school.  The Wolverhampton Music Education Hub will develop materials for schools (in the Autumn 22 term) to evaluate their provision and to take small steps towards improvement. Wolverhampton schools are already very engaged in Music Education and with the Music Hub but there is more to do.

Vision of the NPME:

To enable all children and young people to learn to sing, play an instrument and create music together, and have the opportunity to progress their musical interests, including professionally.

Goals of the NPME:

1. All children and young people receive a high-quality music education in the early years and in schools

2. All music educators work in partnership, with children and young people’s needs and interests at their heart

3. All children and young people with musical interests and talents have the opportunity to progress, including professionally

(National Plan for Music Education, 2022 – DfE)

Some highlights for schools:

There is clear recognition of the importance of schools in providing music opportunities in and out of the classroom, and identifies these key common features of high-quality music provision in schools. The DfE would like to see offered in every school:

  • Timetabled curriculum of at least one hour each week of the school year for key stages 1-3
  • Access to lessons across a range of instruments, and voice
  • A school choir and/or vocal ensemble
  • A school ensemble/band/group
  • Space for rehearsals and individual practice
  • termly school performance
  • Opportunity to enjoy live performance at least once a year

There is a useful summary of recommendations and useful resources available on the Music Teachers’ Association Website.

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