Website & Communications with updates to parents and schools.

Jan 27, 2021

Our website has undergone some changes recently and we are developing it  to play an increasingly important role providing information and resources for parents, students and schools,  including access to registering for lessons and ensembles. The aim is to ensure the website is the central “go to” point for the music service. We ensure our regular communication and dialogue with all schools draw attention to the resources and help we offer via the site. We also ensure we keep up to date on developments from Music Mark, Ofsted and the collaboratiion of Music services known as West Midlands Music.

Most recently we have developed the Keeping Active page as a resource for all those students who may not have access to lessons or are now having lessons online. It is now aimed at soleley providing a point for all students and parents on the site. Our Coronovirus page is now designated for school  resources. Both hqve been extensively updated recently and are subject o weekly reviews and updates as we build an ever more comprehenive set of resorces which are easier for visistors to find and navigate.


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