A Common Approach 2022

Jun 9, 2022

A Common Approach is the nationally published framework for instrumental teachers.

It is based on 5 programmes of study that are not age related – but sequence the skills and matters relating to instrumental musical learning.

The five Programmes of Study provide an aid to long-term planning. They identify the range of skills, knowledge and understanding that should be developed through an integrated approach that includes opportunities to use creativity, imagination and intuition; to express ideas and feelings; and to reflect on and evaluate progress.

A Common Approach identifies six interrelated areas of musical experience:

  • listening and internalising
  • making and controlling musical sounds: developing technique
  • creating and developing musical ideas
  • singing/playing music
  • singing/playing music with others
  • performing and communicating

Wolverhampton Music Service bases its pedagogical approach on the framework and we welcome this refreshed and updated publication.

It is now available to explore online and a useful tool for Music teachers everywhere to gain insight into the pathways through which children make progress on musical instruments.

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