Secondary School Choirs Singing Day/Competition at St. Bartholomew’s Church Penn

Jun 11, 2019

From St. Bartholomew’s Church Penn

We are pleased to invite Schools to take part in our massed local Secondary School choirs singing day on Friday 8th November 2019. We would be delighted if your school would like to take part. It is an opportunity for your choir(s) to perform and, in doing so, compete against choirs from other schools in Wolverhampton. It is entirely free of charge and there will be a prize of £100 to the School music department of which ever choir wins.

For those schools taking part the plan of action is as follows….

Music, recordings and lyric sheets will be sent to all schools during the first week of September. This is so that all the choirs will have plenty of time to learn and practice 2 pieces of choral music that we will all sing together on the evening. This enables those taking part to enjoy the experience of singing in a large choral group.

During the weeks preceding the event choirs from schools can learn another piece that they will sing as part of the competition. On the evening there will be a piano and a sound system that is available to use if choirs wish to. We ask for no other instruments so that we can keep the day focused on choral music.

On the day of Friday 8th November choirs arrive at St Bart’s Church, Penn by 1pm The Church will provide squash during breaks (participants should bring a packed tea). The afternoon will consist of warm ups, singing, vocal techniques, a demonstration on the organ and rehearsal of the songs everyone will sing together at the concert in the evening. There will also be an opportunity for the choirs to practice their performance pieces ready for the competition.

The concert will take place at St Bart’s Church on the evening of Friday 8th November at 6:30pm and will finish at approximately 8.30pm. (audience to arrive by 6:15pm). Both the day and the concert are entirely free of charge. We will give people the opportunity to make a donation should they wish to.

The concert will consist of the choir competition which will be judged impartially with written feedback for each choir, the singing of the songs that were sent to the schools all sung together and a couple of items by the choirs of St Bart’s church. It should be a really enjoyable afternoon and evening.

If you have any questions regarding the day please get in touch and if you would like any help with the learning of music beforehand then please do let us know. We look forward to hearing from you and hope a choir from your school can take part in, what we believe, will be an enjoyable and fruitful day.

Yours sincerely
Rev. Preb. Ben Whitmore (Vicar)
Mrs. Carly Birchell (Morning Service Choir Leader)
Mrs. Julia Bishop (Evening Service Choir Leader)
for further details
Telephone 01902 576809
or e-mail [email protected]

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