Charanga Schemes -Additional Non Statutory Resources

Sep 30, 2021

Charanga is the complete Primary Course which we fund for Schools in the City. We are really pleased that every school has taken advantage of  Charanga in the last 12 months, whether that is to use as a complete course, a source of materials, or to aid a planning/assessment etc. The existing course does everything needed to deliver the National Curriculum and is suited to staff both experienced musicians and staff without a specialism in music.

Following on from their materials to address restrictions because of Covid Charanga are currently creating an additional scheme specifically tailored to look at the Non Statutory Model Music Curriculum.  It’s early days at the moment and only partly completed. As it is quite detailed in some aspects of the content it is more useful for a knowledgeable  musician delivering all the music lessons in a school. We feelit sin’t  as a scheme for non musicians to deliver but like the MMC itself has additional resources for schools to look at.

For schools using the existing scheme   to great success it already fulfils the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum. The HMi leading Music in Ofsted has said of the MMC “We welcomed it, but we will not go into a school and expect to see them using it, because, as with any scheme of work, the resource is only as good as the way it’s implemented and the impact it has. Simply adopting the MMC doesn’t tick a box. It doesn’t guarantee good provision.”

There is also a new Scheme builder feature coming for schools  so those who wish to can create and organise their own bespoke music curriculum using a mix of  resources.


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