Music Mark 2021/22

Sep 30, 2021

As a result of engagement with the Music Service in the city, as in previous years we have been able to nominate a large number of schools for Music Mark recognition. This allows them access to numerous resources, CPD, webinars etc (which we often use) that are exceptionally useful to schools. If your school has received the invitation e-mail to Music Mark from us (it has been sent to Headteachers and Music Leaders, Heads of Department etc.) then do please use the link on the welcome letter to take up this offer (and display the Music Mark for your school).

This year the procedure for registering is different. Up until now we have provided the information which schools should be invited to Music Mark and they have sent the information directly to schools. This year they have sent the registration process letters to us and we have distributed them. So if anyone is concerned they have missed the process (remember it is open to those schools who actively prove their commitment to music through engagement with the Music Hub/Service)  please let us know.



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