Wolverhampton Free CPD – An exceptionally important event for both Primary & Secondary Schools on Transition with Dr. Alison Daubney March 1st

Feb 2, 2022

Dr Alli DaubneyWolverhampton CPD March 1st at the Music School Graiseley .4.30 – 6.00 pm approximately

This session is led by the highly respected expert in music education Doctor Alison Daubney and is exceptionally important to both Prmary Music leaders and Secondary Music staff in all 98+ schools in the city.  Ofsted/the National curriculum etc. identify planned strategic incremental progresson as an essential requirement for music. Transition between Primary and Secondary music eduction must be carefully planned  to ensure students move between the two sectors seamlessly without interupting progress.  In this session Dr. Alison Daubney will lead us by examining the skills, knowledge and approaches to ensure both sectors actively plan and collaborate to manage this transition effectively. She will also prepare a document specifically for schools in the city to use/adapt to map and plan effective transition. The session will be held in person at the Music School Graiseley. There will be a video and/or ppt recorded plus the transition document created to be distributed after the event to those who have attended.

We hope that as many schools in Wolverhampton, both Primary and Secondary will be able send a representative to attend the session in person and such is the importance we will also be making this session available online for schools throughout the West Midlands who will not be able to reach us for the twilight session.  Please sign up to attend here using the online form. 

Dr. Alison Daubney is one of the foremost Music Education specialists/authors/presenters in the UK and we are really pleased that she has agreed to come and plan and deliver this session on exploring effective Transition from Primary to Secondary school.   We are also exceptionally pleased that she is happy to share this work not only with our Wolverhampton Schools but across the West Mids Music Hubs.

We will also be sharing other opportunities for CPD througout the year via the newsletter and website

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