We currently teach over 5500 children every week in Wolverhampton schools!

Years’ of Experience

Nurturing and celebrating young lives through musical experiences.

Instrument Loan

We provide the long term loan of over 3000 musical instruments, at no extra cost to schools or parents!

Musical Groups

We run 13 progressive bands, orchestras and ensembles out of school, at no extra cost to parents, for children to develop their playing and progress with others.


Music for You|Your Family|Everyone

With over 50 years’ experience offering high quality instrumental and vocal teaching for children inside schools and out.

Please get in touch to find out more information, or request a visit from the Head of Music Service.

We offer high quality instrumental and vocal teaching provided in school by our team of experienced music teachers. Out of school, we support children’s learning by providing a network of FREE ensembles and a substantial calendar of events and opportunities.

We provide weekly tuition on over 30 different instruments, along with the long term free loan of a musical instrument. Our leadership team regularly offer guidance and support to schools on contracting with parents or subsidising the cost of lessons in school.


Summer Concert Series July 2019

We have numerous concerts marking the end of the Summer term. Our Summer concert series held at St John's in the Square has been taking place from the 1st to 3rd July, and we will be returning to the same venue on Friday 19th July for the pre tour concert before our...

Sing For Summer 2019 St John’s in the Square

On July 1st & 2nd we held our annual Sing for Summer event at St John's in the Square. Hundreds of primary and special school pupils came along to share an exhuberant celebration of singing over 2 days. This is a very popular event which requires no fewer than 4...