Music Service update 

Just released! Mrs Roberts and others from the Wolverhampton Music Service have been working with the Wolverhampton Council Choir and have just released their video of “Count on Me” – you can view it here and on the Wolverhampton Today facebook page

 Coming Soon – Are you ready for Singing in the Rain 2020 online edition Tuesday 19th May? Paul Wilcox certainly is and we’d like as many of you to join us as possibe! To download a lyric sheet click here And to particpate/watch click here to visit our youtube channel.The rain definitely won’t be a problem this year! Click here for details

Also coming up our WMS Home Concerts continue with a Teachers’ Concert & Alumni Concert. Yes, music service staff will be entertaining you on the 20th May, then for those of you who are former music service/music school students, it’s your chance to get involved!  Click here for more details  

And there’s more – we have another Home Concert lined up for all of you budding composers where you can present your work. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to create something that you can share and we can all enjoy so Click here for details of our “On Record” event and register your interest/download more information

Our Youtube channel is updated every Monday at 8am and is packed with over 180 Instrumental tutorials prepared by WMS to support our students. to access the channel.  For resources to use at home visit our Corona virus page for lots of downloadable materials and links to other sites with resouces. Don’t forget to keep checking back as this resource is updated regularly.

And, if you haven’t already seen it (where have you been!) check out our performance of Sir Duke here! as featured on WCR Radio, Radio WM etc..
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We currently teach over 5500 children every week in Wolverhampton schools!

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Nurturing and celebrating young lives through musical experiences.

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We provide the long term loan of over 3000 musical instruments, at no extra cost to schools or parents!

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We run 13 progressive bands, orchestras and ensembles out of school, at no extra cost to parents, for children to develop their playing and progress with others.


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With over 50 years’ experience offering high quality instrumental and vocal teaching for children inside schools and out.

Please get in touch to find out more information, or request a visit from the Head of Music Service.

We offer high quality instrumental and vocal teaching provided in school by our team of experienced music teachers. Out of school, we support children’s learning by providing a network of FREE ensembles and a substantial calendar of events and opportunities.

We provide weekly tuition on over 30 different instruments, along with the long term free loan of a musical instrument. Our leadership team regularly offer guidance and support to schools on contracting with parents or subsidising the cost of lessons in school.




Music Service update Our Youtube channel is packed with over 160 Instrumental tutorials to support our students learning at home with more being added weekly. Click here to access the channel. Online Concerts commence on Wednesday 6th May at 6.00pm. The first concert...

National Youth Orchestra Ode to Joy a thon! Friday 17th April

Dear instrumental students, music educators, music professionals, parents, and anyone with a love of music, On your radio, on your doorstep, on social media: we're a socially distanced orchestra and we need you to join us to play LIVE and spread musical joy across the...