Nov 12, 2020

Al-Haytham’s Light – SPRING 2021
An ONLINE opera
Meet Ibn al-Haytham, one of the most important scientists ever to live. In this online, curriculum led
opera from English Touring Opera we will delve into the great scientific discoveries of the Islamic
Golden Age, discovering the beauty and mystery of light; what it is, what it does for us, how various it
is, how it refracts and reflects…
Told through song, lots of fun, and practical experiments we join Ibn al-Haytham in making one of the
most striking discoveries of all time – how we see!
Schools info: This show is suitable for Key Stage 2 audiences
The show features interactive songs, experiments, and suggested participation.
The show will be released to schools in 6 online episodes with a teacher’s pack
including 6 lesson plans with science, maths, history curriculum links and 3 short
music lesson plans.
Pack written in collaboration with Khayaal Theatre Company and
primary school teachers
Written and Directed by Bradley Travis
Music composed by Iain Farrington
£30 plus VAT per school (schools with 25% pupil premium can request the show/ pack for free)
Please contact Bradley Travis at [email protected] for more information and to
To find out more about our education work please see http://englishtouringopera.org.uk/education/





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