A new Secondary Representative for the Wolverhampton Music Hub Board

Jan 27, 2022

Wolverhampton Music Education Hub

Introducing Claudie Leary

“My name is Claudie Leary and I have joined the Music Education Hub Advisory Board as a Secondary School representative as I currently work in the Central Learning Partnership Trust, as a Secondary Music Teacher. The three secondary schools in the Trust are Heath Park, Moseley Park and Coppice. As can be imagined, it has been a very difficult time for schools and the new half term has brought with it some fresh challenges. However, we are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel with concerts and showcases being planned, alongside the production of Mary Poppins and the annual “Got Talent” events.

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and express how excited I am to support the Hub, as I grew up in Wolverhampton and came through the Music Service. My love of music began at a very early age. So much so, by the age of 8 I knew I wanted to be a music teacher. I started flute lessons in primary school and thoroughly enjoyed and immersed myself in playing.

As soon as my secondary school journey started I was introduced to the Wolverhampton Music Service, and joined the Concert Band. This led to me auditioning for the Wolverhampton Youth Wind Orchestra and the Wolverhampton Youth Orchestra. Four European tours later, and I can honestly say I would not have the confidence to be where I am now without the support and experiences offered through the Music Service. I am glad I have the opportunity now to offer some of that support back.

These experiences inspired me to do a Music Degree at the University of Birmingham and go on to complete my PGCE in secondary music education, so I can continue to provide the same experiences that were offered to me during my school life”

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