Update From Azaad Arts

Jan 21, 2023

Azaad Arts were involved in the Festival of Light at the Living Black Country Museum in October, where they led the procession with their Dhol playing. The local communities around the LBCM all attended and it was a fantastic event for all.

Azaad Arts are currently working in some research work in World Music Instruments for the music curriculum called the “Common Approach”, we hope our expertise will guide the percussion instruments in the syllabus for the future.

Azaad Arts students took part in a performance prior to the Christmas break. The students showed a lot of confidence when performing in front of their parents, showing them the progress that they have made since September. A selection of students were also enthusiastic in performing ‘Solo Items’ in front of the audience which involved them standing at the front of the stage and playing an intricate piece by themselves. A big well done to all of the students involved in the performance as well as the parents who attended!

Recently Azaad Arts were selected to attend a focus group to engage in the Music Hub Investment Programme Birmingham.

Moving forward, the students will be taught new pieces at the beginning of 2023, further adding to their repertoire of music. The students will also be learning more about the Musical Theory behind their respective instruments.

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