OHMI Music-making for the “D” in SEND Enabling music-making for the physically disabled in Wolverhampton schools

Mar 28, 2019

Music-making for the ‘D’ in SEND

The Music service are looking to find children in Wolverhampton schools who have an upper limb disability. It may also be that they have a condition that means they can only functionally use one arm. OHMI have some funding to start lessons in the city and the Music service will also help fund some instruments for up to 5 children. If you have/know of students who would be eligible for this support please e-mail us at the Music service [email protected] Please add OHMI in the subject area

Think of an instrument offered in your school or through your music hub. Imagine how you would play it if you had a damaged or missing arm. Think of another, is that any easier? The reality is that any conventional instrument will, almost certainly, require two highly dextrous hands to play.

Perhaps you don’t know any children that have an upper limb disability? According to Department for Education data from January 2018 there were 135 children in Wolverhampton in mainstream schools with a physical disability as their primary need but how many of these are learning a musical instrument?

The OHMI Trust was established to enable those with physical disabilities to participate fully in music-making with a focus on finding adapted instruments/enabling apparatus. So far we have identified adapted saxophones (tenor, alto and soprano), recorders, flutes, guitars, clarinets and bagpipes! Enabling apparatus is available for trumpets, trombones, cellos and flutes.

Since 2015 we have worked with a number of hubs to explore how a selection adapted instruments is suited to beginners with physical disabilities. This has proved that with the right instrument, and an individual, 30 minute lesson these students were able to progress at the same rate as their peers. The full report can be found at https://www.ohmi.org.uk/latest-news-and-research.html

Please take a look at www.ohmi.org.uk for more information about our services or email [email protected].

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