Spotlight On Schools – Warstones Primary

Jan 28, 2020

Welcome to our new spotlight on schools newsletter feature. Each newsletter we will focus on a school in the city to show their commitment to music education and engagement with the Wolverhampton Music Service and Music Education Hub. In this first feature we invited Warstones Primary to talk about how they have developed their music provision.

At Warstones Primary, we are constantly looking to broaden our children’s experiences and opportunities. One area we wanted to develop was our music provision. Currently, we have a teacher who teaches across the school, ensuring progression of skills and curriculum coverage. We have a choir, who have participated in Young Voices for the last three years now and also a number of children who have tuition from the ‘Rocksteady’ providers.

But we wanted to introduce a variety of instrumental opportunities – to give our children the chance to experience the joy and learn the skills to make music themselves. With ringing endorsements from other schools and parents we contacted the Music Service and Ciaran came out and shared the many ways he was making tuition accessible to all and the exciting opportunities and range of instruments available.

The magnificent peripatetic teachers came and gave our Y4 and 5 a workshop, highlighting the different types of instruments, the sounds they make and the fun to be had. In two weeks, we had 20 children wanting to learn – a fantastic response.

And although the range of instruments they wanted to play seemed vast, the Music Service has devised a timetable and provision to meet their needs. January 2020 has seen the start of instrumental tuition at Warstones, with children cradling precious instruments they have been provided with to use and brimming with enthusiasm, as they start on this amazing journey. What a joy!


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