MUSIC is Global Wolverhampton Music Service is proud of its history & vital local role in promoting Music in our City. Our MUSIC stands for: Making music accessible to as many of our citizens as possible Understanding & challenging reasons for inequity where we discover it Staff are educated & empowered to play their part in addressing inequality in our City Involving people to grow Celebrating the strengths of our collective community
We offer high quality instrumental and vocal teaching provided in school by our team of experienced music teachers. Out of school, we support children’s learning by providing a network of FREE ensembles and a substantial calendar of events and opportunities.

We provide weekly tuition on over 30 different instruments, along with the long term free loan of a musical instrument. Our leadership team regularly offer guidance and support to schools on contracting with parents or subsidising the cost of lessons in school.


WMS in Local Primary Schools


WMS in Local Secondary Schools

Green Park School by WMS visiting Music teacher Rob Craner

Green Park School by WMS visiting Music teacher Rob Craner

 Green Park School Music Green Park School is a school for children and young people with profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) and complex health needs. As a visiting music teacher, I am very aware that I am part of a school whose wonderful staff...

More WYMT News – Coming September – Hairspray!

More WYMT News – Coming September – Hairspray!

We are always on the look out for new members from across Wolverhampton to join us, particularly in the 14-18 age group! Delivered by industry professionals from the WYMT team, why not sign up your BTEC or GCSE Performing Arts groups? Alternatively a great end of term...


We currently teach over 5500 children every week in Wolverhampton schools!

Years’ of Experience

Nurturing and celebrating young lives through musical experiences.

Instrument Loan

We provide the long term loan of over 3000 musical instruments, at no extra cost to schools or parents!

Musical Groups

We run 13 progressive bands, orchestras and ensembles out of school, at no extra cost to parents, for children to develop their playing and progress with others.


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